Our services

If you’ve ever tried to interest a literary agent or a commercial publisher in your book(s), you’ll be painfully aware that it’s an almost impossible challenge. For many years, commercial publishers have been dropping more writers than they’ve taken on.

Now for the good news. You don’t need to be published by a commercial publisher. LPS publishing will publish your book(s) at a quality level comparable with those published by commercial publishers, and in the same editions – paperbacks, hardbacks, ebooks. Your book(s) will be available to order from online retailers (e.g. Amazon) and traditional bookstores around the world. You can choose to have your books published using an assumed name, if you wish. Also, you can choose to keep the involvement of LPS publishing confidential, and publish under an imprint of your own devising.

Your Print-on-Demand (POD) books can have coloured content, including photographs, at a modest cost premium over mono content.

Having written and self-published 10 books, and published four other writers’ books, Mike Buchanan is in an ideal position to bring your book project to fruition.

Perhaps uniquely among publishers that support writers in getting their books to market, LPS publishing operates an open book policy. We don’t add mark-ups to the costs charged by third parties. We don’t make any income from the sales of your books. You’ll know the costs involved in your project before making a decision to use our services. We’ll pay you for your book sales shortly after the money is sent to us, and provide you with evidence of the sales numbers, and income.

Mike Buchanan’s book The Joy of Self-Publishing (2010) outlines a commercial model for self-publishing. It includes the strong recommendation that you do NOT invest in a stock of your books, other than copies you plan to sell, or give away, personally. The reason is simple. With the Print-on-Demand model that Mike’s been using for many years, copies of your books are only printed following an order, wherever in the world the order is raised. So if someone in Australia orders one copy of your book, one copy will be printed locally, and delivered direct to the buyer. Your involvement in the ordering and fulfilment processes will be precisely zero, leaving your time free for more important matters.

You can choose the model adopted for Terrence Popp’s The Killer of Killers. The book has (to date) only been available to order from Amazon, a model which saves money, and the royalties go directly to the author, in full.

LPS publishing can offer you most of the services offered by large commercial publishers, other than promotion of your books.

Writers cover the costs involved in the book publishing project, and pay a project fee to LPS publishing, the fee depending on the amount of work involved. Many of the services are provided by the same freelancers and suppliers Mike uses himself (commercial publishers use them, too):

    • proofreading and copy-editing (£5.00 – £25.00 per 1,000 words, depending on the work required)
    • formatting / typesetting
    • indexing
    • cover design
    • ISBN provision
    • paperback and hardback manufacturing including Print-on-Demand, offset lithography…
    • ebook formatting and distribution for major e-readers: Kindle, Apple, Sony E Reader, Nook, Kobo… (ebooks can also be read on computers, tablets, smartphones etc., via free-to-download software from the e-reader manufacturers)
    • distribution of cover design and book information to online and ‘bricks and mortar’ book retailers

To start the ball rolling, with no commitment, contact Mike in the first instance (mike@j4mb.org.uk, 07967 026163).